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How Do We Help You Find Your Brand Personality?

It somehow seems like an elusive art - creating a brand strategy. It’s such an important part of a business's brand and so important to ensure you can market to the correct people but how exactly do we do that?

Firstly what is a brand personality? This is the part of your brand that acts like a real person. It talks like a real person, has its own archetype personality, and easily resonates with your ideal clients. We create this by finding out about you, the business owner(s) first. We find out what you like, what you don’t, your background, your hobbies. We listen to the language you use and may even ask you to take a personality test! We don’t do anything by half at Acknowledge and finding out who you are is our first step to understanding you and celebrating you through your brand. Once we understand you, we integrate phycology and in particular Carl Jung’s archetype to work out where we can start with your brand personality. After all, this is your business - it should definitely be centered around you! We then dig deep into understanding your ideal client. Once we have a strong idea of who they are we integrate your personality to that of your ideal client so that your personality and your client's personality shine through in your brand personality. This way it showcases you the business owner and it attracts your ideal client as they see a bit of themselves in your marketing. And as the saying goes, people buy from people. Especially if that person has similar traits to themselves! If you are interested in what we can do for your brand personality - give us a call or email!

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