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When you really think about it - what is your brand communicating?

You got your logo created, and were given some minimal guidelines that had colours and fonts (in fact you probably didn't even get that) and you were on your way to marketing your business and getting leads.

Yet a few years down the line, you've learned a lot and that logo you were once so proud of now doesn't seem to fit. I mean after a few years, your business has changed from what it once was and what you thought it would be.

So you're thinking that something needs to be done about this and as you're looking at your logo - you realise that you don't really have anything much besides this. You don't have a strategy, you haven't finalised your purpose or values and you most certainly haven't created a persona for your brand.

Building a persona for your brand is how you take your bland brand to a bold brand. Giving your brand a personality that shines and represents you as a business owner and the business itself is a sure way of building attraction. Why? Well as the saying goes people buy from people - they don't buy from boring logos.

So if you're thinking of updating your branding and going from bland to BOLD!

Sign up for my free workshop where I'll give you some tips on building a brand personality so you can look and sound different from your competitors.

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