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What are your personal values? Have you ever even thought about it before? It’s so important to understand your values as this is how you see the world, how you expect people to behave and treat you, and in turn how you treat others. Upon knowing your values you have a greater understanding of why you may be feeling hurt by someone’s comments and in fact, understand that the person through their own values was trying to be nice.

You see everyone has different values. Knowing yours will help work out if your clients, suppliers, mentors, etc have the same values and if you should or shouldn’t work with them. So how do you work it out? Have a look at the list below. Go through each one and write down any of them that jump out at you…. Acceptance Accomplishment Accountability Accuracy Achievement Adaptability Alertness Altruism Ambition Amusement Assertiveness Attentive Awareness Balance Beauty Boldness Bravery Brilliance Calm Candour Capable Careful Certainty Challenge Charity Cleanliness Clear Clever Comfort Commitment Common sense Communication Community Compassion Competence Concentration Confidence Connection Consciousness Consistency Contentment Contribution Control Conviction Cooperation Courage Courtesy Creation Creativity Credibility Curiosity Decisive Decisiveness Dedication Dependability Determination Development Devotion Dignity Discipline Discovery Drive Effectiveness Efficiency Empathy Empower Endurance Energy Enjoyment Enthusiasm Equality Ethical Excellence Experience Exploration Expressive Fairness Family Famous Fearless Feelings Ferocious Fidelity Focus Foresight Fortitude Freedom Friendship Fun Generosity Genius Giving Goodness Grace Gratitude Greatness Growth Happiness Hard work Harmony Health Honesty Honour Hope Humility Humour Imagination Improvement Independence Individuality Innovation Inquisitive Insightful Inspiring Integrity Intelligence Intensity Intuitive Joy Justice Kindness Knowledge Lawful Leadership Learning Liberty Logic Love Loyalty Mastery Maturity Meaning Moderation Motivation Openness Optimism Order Organization Originality Passion Patience Peace Performance Persistence Playfulness Poise Potential Power Present Productivity Professionalism Prosperity Purpose Quality Realistic Reason Recognition Recreation Reflective Respect Responsibility Restraint Results-oriented Reverence Rigor Risk Satisfaction Security Self-reliance Selfless Sensitivity Serenity Service Sharing Significance Silence Simplicity Sincerity Skill Smart Solitude Spirit Spirituality Spontaneous Stability Status Stewardship Strength Structure Success Support Surprise Sustainability Talent Teamwork Temperance Thankful Thorough Thoughtful Timeliness Tolerance Toughness Traditional Tranquillity Transparency Trust Trustworthy Truth Understanding Uniqueness Unity Valour Victory Vigour Vision Vitality Wealth Welcoming Winning Wisdom Wonder So how many have you chosen? I would imagine you have chosen quite a few! Now it’s time to whittle it down. Look through your list which ones are jumping out at you this time? What really says something to you? Ok now, how many have you got? If you have more than five values it’s probably time to take another look and make it even smaller. It’s completely up to you how many values you choose – but they need to be something that you remember and has real meaning and connection to you. Happy value setting! Let us know what your values are if you get a chance!

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